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2016-Partnering with the Polk County housing department, as a liaison, with assistance from staff the process for individuals applying for services can now be expedited. Living with a disability and having to follow thru with the sometimes strenuous or lengthy special funding service protocols, the
task of returning forms requested or just merely staying in contact with the service specialist can become obsolete. Organizations like Endless Abilities understands and is ready to help aid them thru.


2016-At our 2nd annual benefit walk, with volunteer therapist we provided information to parents about different therapeutic options available in the community. Options such as Equine-Assisted Therapy. We were also able to assist some new comers to the community with school enrollment for their disabled children and with the setup of therapy evaluation appointments.

2017-With donated computers, chairs and desk, GED and financial planning books we started the development of the EA4CD Research Center which will launch January 2019. We will be able to aid individuals looking to further their education. After school Tutoring for the youth, summer school/camp options, and supported employment coaching are a few of the programs the research center will be utilized for. Home Maintenance and disaster preparedness classes, as well as financial budgeting and training classes for adults and children, are just a few other ways that we strive to advance our mission. With your support and the support of our sponsors, partners, and investors these classes will be held at our resource center in the near future. Our Board of Directors consists of Teachers, Entrepreneurs, and Corporate Professionals eager to make a difference not just in their career, but in the lives of individuals living within the community.

2017-At our 3rd annual benefit walk we partnered with community agencies to provide information to the public about services for individuals with disabilities. Among theses agencies were the Agency For Persons with Disabilities, One Stop Pharmacy, Women's Center of Winter Haven, and the Polk County School Board Policy Council for Head start.

2018- April 27, “God's Pantry”, food drive Fridays began. Along side our volunteers our focus is to decrease the anxiety level within the community thru empowering the people with programs like “God's Pantry”. We give each family that comes out to the EA4CD Resource Center a box of free food provided by our sponsors. We not only nurture and feed the mind and soul, but through donated food and cooks we are able to feed and fuel the body enhancing the endurance needed to follow through. 

What We Did

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